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Hunza Citrus and Pulp is a leading producer of Pulp/Puree, Concentrate, & Paste in Pakistan. It is the best natural alternative to fruits in the form of concentrated juices, pulps, purees & pastes. Being based in Pakistan, we have access to the ideal climate and soil conditions, allowing us to grow & process some of the finest citrus fruits in the world. In contrast, our high output has allowed us to become one of the leaders in exporting significant volumes of product to Europe, the Middle East, Africa & Far East.


Our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality and sustainability standards throughout every production stage. We use only the freshest, most carefully selected fruit to produce our citrus & tropical products. Moreover, the Sargodha district in Punjab, Pakistan, is known to produce the best quality Kinnow (Mandarin) in the world.

Citrus Fruit Crushing Line Has A Crushing Capacity Of



Tropical fruit crushing line has a crushing capacity of



Our production facility is equipped with the latest Italian and Spanish technologies. The installed evaporator at our premises is multi-purpose and is equipped with a high-efficiency aroma recovery unit. Our on-site storage facility is equipped with both frozen and chilled storage options.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we are also committed to sustainability and responsible farming practices. We work closely with local farmers and communities to ensure that our operations positively impact the environment and the people of the region.



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