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Recognizing a significant gap in the consumer market, Hunza Citrus and Pulp Pvt Ltd ventured to fill it by introducing a quality brand called Risa. This esteemed brand offers a diverse range of high-quality pulps and pastes in Pakistan, crafted meticulously from the finest citrus and tropical fruits. Risa has successfully captured the essence of these fruits, providing consumers with a premium and flavorful experience unlike any other.

At Risa, we are offering pulps and paste of the following fruits

Mango Pulp

Risa Mango Pulp is made from Pakistan’s best-quality and freshest mangoes. It is ideal for creating a range of delicious dishes, from mouthwatering desserts to refreshing beverages. Its vibrant orange-yellow color and rich flavor make it a perfect addition to your mango smoothies, mango lassi, mango yogurt, or mango sorbet.

Peach Pulp

Risa Peach Pulp is made from the freshest and finest peaches from Pakistan. Its rich and authentic flavor is Ideal for making refreshing beverages, delicious desserts, ice creams, and sorbets.

Guava Pulp

Risa Guava Pulp is prepared from farm-fresh white guavas. It is ideal for use in juices, sorbets, ice creams, and other appetizing desserts with fruit fillings. Having an off-white color, it is perfect for adding flavors and color to your dishes.

Strawberry Pulp

Risa Strawberry Pulp is made from the ripest and farm-fresh strawberries. Packed to perfection, with its sweet red color, it is the perfect natural ingredient you can ideally use to make beverages, desserts, and other fruity dishes.

Falsa Pulp

Risa Falsa Pulp is prepared with the freshest falsa fruit. Harvested fresh from farms, our high-quality falsa pulp is ideal for use in chilling fruity beverages.

Tomato Paste

Risa Tomato Paste is carefully crafted from the finest quality tomatoes and hygienically packed, ensuring optimal freshness. It serves as a versatile ingredient for creating delectable sauces and enhancing the flavor of a wide range of savory dishes.

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