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Established in 1988, Hunza Group started with the production of edible oil and Vanaspati (Banaspati) ghee. Soon after, the Group widened its portfolio by entering the sugar industry in 2001 with its 1st unit and soon acquired the 2nd unit of sugar in 2010. In 2014, Hunza Group set up a distillery unit and a CO2 plant. Now Group operates the following companies:

Hunza Ghee Industries (Pvt.)Ltd.

Hunza Ghee Industries is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of vegetable ghee & cooking oil. The unit is located near Eminabad, G.T. road, Gujranwala. The facility also houses 08 storage tanks for raw materials.

Hunza Sugar Mills (“HSML”) was incorporated in 2002 as a Private Limited Company. Its primary business is manufacturing white refined sugar, sugarcane molasses, and other allied products. The company operates two sugar units, located at Chak Jhumrah-Shahkot Road, Faisalabad (Unit I), and 18 Hazari, Layyah Road, Jhang (Unit II).

HSML has also established a CO2 plant adjacent to its distillery at Chak Jhumrah-Shahkot Road, Faisalabad. It is currently operating two units of production and is selling its produce to Pepsi Co. and Coca-Cola.

A subsidiary of Hunza Sugar Mill, Hunza Distillery started production in April 2014. It is located at the same premises, and its finished products are exported to countries in Europe & Asia. Hunza distillery exports 95% of its ethanol production, contributing to natural exports and generating foreign reserves for Pakistan.

HSML has also established its Unit II in 18 Hazari, Layyah road, Jhang. Its primary business is manufacturing white refined sugar, sugarcane molasses, and other allied products.

Hunza Citrus & Pulp (Pvt.) Ltd.

Hunza Citrus and Pulp is a leading producer of concentrated fruit products based in Pakistan. Pakistan’s ideal climate and soil conditions enable us to grow and process some of the world’s finest citrus fruits. We export significant volumes of fruit based products to Europe, the Middle East, Africa & Far East. Our team maintains the highest standards of quality and sustainability using only the freshest and most carefully selected fruit. The Sargodha district in Punjab, Pakistan, produces the best quality Kinnow worldwide.

Hunza Group has established a Steel Melting Unit with a Rebar manufacturing mill and a high-pressure cogeneration Power plant to supply electricity to the Steel Melting Unit and low-pressure steam to HSML. The Project also includes a Rolling Mill for producing TMT Bars, which have a tunnel-type temperature equalizing-cum-holding furnace, a pendulum-type bar and cobble shear, and a high-pressure de-scaling station. The run-out roller table have a turnover cooling bed and auxiliary facilities and roll shop equipment. The Project is be located at 18 Hazari in Jhang, adjacent to the Unit-II sugar plant of Hunza Sugar Mills. Hunza Group incorporated an SPV named HSPL for the implementation of the Project, and production has started since April 2023.


Our production facility is equipped with the latest Italian and Spanish technologies. Our citrus crushing line has a crushing capacity of 500MT/Day, while our tropical fruit crushing line has a crushing capacity of 300MT/Day. The installed evaporator at our premises is multi-purpose and is equipped with a high-efficiency aroma recovery unit. Our on-site storage facility is equipped with both frozen and chilled storage options.

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