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The Journey of Mandarin (Kinnow) from Orchard to Concentrated Juice

Discover the meticulous process of transforming freshly harvested mandarin fruit into high- quality concentrated juice. From the orchard to the final product, each step is carefully executed to ensure premium quality and taste.

Harvesting and Transportation:

Farmers handpick ripe mandarin fruit from the orchards, carefully gathering them in woolen bags. The fruits are then transported to the processing facility in trucks for further steps.

Weighing and Sorting:

Upon arrival, the fruit-laden vehicles undergo meticulous weighing at the factory's weighbridge. Subsequently, the fruits are sorted using a roller sorter to eliminate any damaged or low-quality fruits.

Cleaning Process:

The sorted mandarin fruits undergo thorough cleaning in a brush washer, where continuous water showers and brushing remove dirt, dust, and other foreign substances.

Sizing and Grading:

The cleaned fruits move to the sizer grader, segregating them based on size for optimal juice recovery. This step ensures that each extractor receives fruits of the right size.

Juice Extraction:

Extractors squeeze the juice from the pulp, segregating residual fruit, seeds, and skin. The
extracted juice is collected in a finisher feed tank.


The juice undergoes pasteurization in a specialized machine, using high heat to sterilize it. This process destroys microorganisms and enzymes, ensuring product safety and longevity.


High-RPM centrifuge machines separate solid and sinking pulp from the juice, meeting desired specifications for a smooth and pure product.

Juice Upgrade System:

The centrifuged juice goes through a specialized system to enhance sweetness and reduce acidity. Two columns, De-Bitter and De-Acidifying, tailor the juice according to customer specifications.

Evaporation and Concentration:

The juice is fed into an evaporator, where heat and negative pressure concentrate the juice by evaporating water. This step ensures the desired Brix level without compromising quality.

Lab Testing and Blending:

Concentrated juice is tested in small batch tanks in a controlled room. Approved batches are then blended in larger tanks to achieve the desired volume and taste.

Filling and Palletization:

The approved product is filled into food-grade steel drums using auto-filling machines, maintaining a temperature below 10°C. The drums are then palletized for ease of transportation.

Cold Storage:

Filled and palletized drums are stored in frozen cold storage at -18°C ±2 for up to two years. The product is loaded into reefer containers upon customer request.


From the orchard to the final product, the journey of Mandarin (Kinnow) involves a series of precise and quality-focused steps. This comprehensive process ensures a premium, concentrated juice that meets the highest standards of taste and safety.

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